Monday, February 25, 2008

Another reason to go to bed way too late

Having seen all but one of the movies nominated for best picture, I was interested in a bit more than the clothes at last night's Oscars.

My three favorite dresses:

Kelly Preston's dress is such a delicious color. Reminiscent of the painting (who's name I cannot recall) or the woman lounging in the sunlight. I want to bathe in that color.

I liked the drama of Heidi Klum's dress.

Marion Cotillard's dress is so pretty and detailed and mermaid-like. I have yet to see La Vie en Rose but its on my Netflix queue.

Other things I noticed:

His character in No Country for Old Men scared the bejesus outta me. But cleaned up and sans the bad haircut, Javier Bardem is a cutie.

No big fan of her dress, but I was happy when Tilda Swinton won for supporting actress. She was so good in Michael Clayton. And she looked so striking and fresh faced last night.

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