Thursday, February 7, 2008


I'm road tripping for the next few days, but before I go I thought I'd leave you with some reviews.

Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife is so so so good. Educational and irreverant with some terrifically gross parts, I'm telling lots of people to read it.

The Greatest Generation wasn't bad - just not as good and emotional as The Greatest Generation Speaks. Plus I got tired of Brokaw's yammering on over and over again about how all other generations have no values compared to this group. We get it, Brokaw! Just tell the damn stories!

Millions was pretty adorable and very original. It made me giggle a lot and smile real hard throughout.


Allison said...

I added "Spook" to my 'to-read' list :] Sounds interesting!

kelly said...

I am a science freak! And now I have to read spook- it sounds awesome.

raych said...

Hey Claire, thanks for the non-fic recommendations. I will DEFINITELY be reading 'Spook,' since 'Stiff' almost made me pee.