Sunday, December 30, 2007

Books and movies

Chalk is a mockumentary about teachers. Good!

Oooh - loved Constant Gardener! I had never picked it up before cause for some reason I expected an action packed terrorist movie. That's not what it is at all. So good with all its pretty scene of Africa and dastardly deeds. Perfect ending!

I watched MirrorMask because I adore Neil Gaiman. The special effects were pretty amazing but something about them hurt my eyes. I really didn't care for this one at all sadly.

I think My Life in France might be my favorite book of the year. I love Julia Child! Loved hearing all about how she learned to cook and her life with her husband living in so many different countries. I need to invent a time travel machine so I can go back in time, move to France, and be Julia's best friend.


Anyone have a good source for large and well-organized and non-hideous jewelry boxes? Mine is a falling apart disaster.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Stop Loss

I very much want to see this movie:

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This project I can give credit for. It was inspired by Woodmouse Loves Crafts adorable mouse puppet. Please take into account my mammoth hands and the fact that I started with a rather small sweater before I shrunk it for the puppet. It will be the perfect size for wee niece and nephew hands though.

My camera skills could use some improving too. There's always 2008!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Xmas Cards

Agh! This is terribly embarassing. I got this terrific idea for homemade Xmas cards from a crafty blog I read regularly. But now I can't find the link. Nor can I figure which of the umpteen million crafty blogs I subscribe to had this project on it. If you know, please let me know so I can give proper credit.

Here they are:

The trees were pretty simple. The doves - not so much. Hence I sent out about 30 tree cards and only 3 dove cards. Still, I really liked how they turned out.


As You Like It was pretty. Pretty pretty film. Pretty people. Pretty scenery. Pretty costumes. Pretty words. Very nicely done.

I may be on a bit of a classic film kick. Brought on by my unending illnesses I checked out Some Like It Hot from the library. Marilyn Monroe's dingy sweetness makes even horribly sore throats feel better.

And Indiscreet makes me giggle. Particularly Cary Grant's dancing. The man could charm the pants off of anyone. I'm very much in favor of the Cary Grant-izination of George Clooney. May he continue at it.

I watched Talk to Me recently. Maybe it was a combination of too great expectations (cause I love Don Cheadle) and being a bit distracted that night, but I didn't love it like I thought I would. It was good, and thewoman who played Petey's girlfriend was excellent. Still I wasn't wowed like I thought I'd be.
I read Georgette Heyer's novel Cotillion. Adorable! I so love the main characters in this book. So not stereotypical of a regency novel.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


What a sweet song.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hat envy

After being kept home sick for a full week (my god I am so behind at work!), all I've accomplished is some serious movie watching thanks to the library.

The Cazalets miniseries was pretty fantastic. A huge family in England coping with the onset of WWII. I really really enjoyed this one - all 6 hours of it.

I finally watched A Good Woman as well. It sent me into serious hat envy. Location envy too! Such pretty scenery and costumes. I did get a little tired of all Oscar Wilde's witticisms on marriage but maybe that's just cause I've heard them all so many times.

For some reason, Marilyn Monroe movies make me feel better when I'm ill. They're so fun and I really covet her wardrobe throughout the whole thing (not the stage costumes, but definitely what she wears while off the stage). Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is so much fun.

I finally caught Two for the Road as well. I'm frightfully behind on some of my Audrey Hepburn films. I liked it okay. Not so sure what the initial attraction to Albert Finney's character was all about, but I liked that it showed the roller coaster of relationships.

The one book I managed was a book on tape. The Greatest Generation Speaks was very touching. I'll admit to being irked a few times when the writers felt the need to cast aspersions on all following generations, but those moments where few and far between. It's hard not to be amazed at what so many people went through. (And as a nonfiction book, I'm counting this as book #5 for nonfiction reading #52 on my 101 list).

Monday, December 3, 2007


Tonsilitis is the big reason why I can't do anything - go to work, craft, read. Everything is impossible thanks to my miserableness and the blurry vision that comes along with it. Thank god for movies and books on tape.

Here's the movies I've seen lately:

How can you resist a movie with Daniel Craig in all his ugly hotness in it? It was a fun watch. A bit convoluted but that could be do to my brain working so slow thanks to all the stupid snot in it. I don't really get the Sienna Miller thing though. Is she really so irresistable?

Half Nelson was not good. I'd heard all these wonderful things about it, but then it just wasn't good. There were a few jaw dropping scenes and the girl who plays Drey is amazingly good. Amazing! However, the story not so amazing at all.

I watched Bus Stop this morning. Marilyn Monroe is adorable. Cute film!

Then I braved the bitter cold to borrow a bunch more movies from the library so I don't die of boredom. I wish I could fast forward through this yuckness.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Officious Seeing Eye Bitch

I finished Rebel Angels by Libba Bray. It was fun. I liked that the girls each struggle with their own personal issues and its not all about the adventure. Its a quick fun read with some darker tones that give it a bit more lasting power in my head. I think the third book comes out next month.

I also went ahead and borrowed the BBC series Fingersmith. They stayed so true to the story, and I appreciate that. The casting was quite good too.

Everything is Illuminated did not stick so closely to the story, In fact, I'm still aggravated that they changed the grandfather's story. Its the most moving part of the book! Read the book if you are at all inclined. It will make you giggle in between making you sob.

The dog though was hysterical and perfect. Alex was wonderfully cast as well.

Why did it take me so long to watch Brokeback Mountain? I adored it! Beautiful and heartbreaking and perfect. I need to stop avoiding movies just because I find the hype overwhelming. Somedays its much deserved.

Blood Diamond was good. I thought the love story in it was unbelievable and unnecessary, but the main story was well told and important. It was hard to watch in some parts but not unbearable.

I promise that I have been crafting! Its just that its dark when I leave for work and dark again when I get home which makes for miserable picture taking. That plus a horrible never ending cold that didn't help. I will manage some pictures this weekend.


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye." — Miss Piggy

Monday, November 26, 2007

Long weekend of reading

I finished Eclipse over the weekend. Its the third book from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. Its 600+ pages but a super fast read. Its chock full of vampires and other super natural creatures and lots of excitement and romance. Can't wait until the next one comes out!

I was also listening to The Greatest Generation Speaks on cd until the cds got so scratchy that my player spit them back out. So I'm reserving it on tape from the library this time so hopefully I can hear the last half of it. Its really good and makes me teary eyed which can be hazardous since I usually listen to books on tape while driving, cooking or crafting.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I like the little kid clowns

Pretty cute.

Thieves and Rats

Its seriously cold in my apartment. This is made even more obvious by my cat stalking me waiting for me to stay put so she can curl up on me. Luckily, she noticed that the computer was turned on and now she's curled up on the monitor - leaving my hands free for typing.

I just cranked up the heat and put a pot of tea onto boil. That should help.

I finished a great book this morning. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters is similiar to a Dickens tale - with interesting characters from different class levels and twisty turny plot lines. I was seriously hooked on the story. And after ranting last night about why in the heck are they making dumb-looking movies like the one coming out based on The Chipmunks cartoon when there are good books out there just waiting to be turned into amazing movies, I found out this morning that the BBC already has done it. Its already on my Netflix queue.

I also just finished listening to Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH on tape. So good! And I adore listening to books where accents are involved. I know this story, and yet I couldn't help getting nervous when poor Mrs. Frisby had to go visit the owl. Such a great children's story!

Now I've got my hands on the third book of Stephenie Meyer's vampire series, Eclipse. If I'm not careful I could while away my whole weekend under a blanket, sipping tea, and reading. (Doesn't that sound marvelous?) But I have things to do! I've promised a cake for a good friend's 30th birthday (and I already feel baked out after turkey day) and I'm determined to make our own Xmas cards this year. Busy busy busy!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sucked into YA books

I'm really loving teen books lately. First the Stephenie Meyer vampire books, and now A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Gray- a series about English girls at a boarding school who discover sorcery. So good! At first I was mad when I got to the end, thiking that it finished up pretty abruptly. Then I looked it up and realized that its the first of a series. Now I love it.
I'm listed as #1 one for both the 3rd vampire book and for the second sorcery book. They're both enormous and I'm sure they will come in all at once. Decisions shall have to be made. (Not to mention the 500+ page book I'm reading at the moment. I may have to start researching some less tome-like novels to pick up).
Someone glancing at this blog lately would probably think I'm 13 years old and not in my late twenties. Mentally, they may be right.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I just finished Rosie Little's Cautionary Tales for Girls.

First page of the book reads, "These are not, I should say from the outset, tales written for the benefit of good and well-behaved girls who always stick to the path when they go to Grandma's. Skipping along in their gingham frills - baskets of scones, jam and clotted cream upon their arms - what need can these girls have for caution? Rather, these are tales for gilrs who have boots as stout as their hearts, and who are prepared to firmly lace them up (boots and hearts both) and step out into the wilds in search of what they desire. And since it cannot be expected that stout-booted, stout-hearted girls will grow up without misfortune or miscalculation of some kind, they require a reminder, from time to time, about the dangers that lurk both in dark forests and in the crevices of one's own imagining - Rosie Little"

The best part of the book in my opinion. Besides the second story (a great one about a woman who finds herself inadvertantly collecting elephants), the stories just fell really flat for me.

But what a terrific opener! And it was really beautifully bound. Just not so great a read.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


This segment on NPR was hysterical. Don't read it! Listen to it so you can appreciate the singing.

Eel's Have Second Set of Jaws

Yay for Project Runway

I seriously love the show and I'm so glad its back. My favorite outfit from last night is nothing I'd ever wear, but I think its pretty cool.

Carmen's outfit just had such pretty combinations of fabrics and colors. Very striking.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sealife and Xmas - a natural fit

I'm in absolute cute spasms over Futuregirl's Octopus and Seahorse patterns. How can you resist them?

I'm envisioning a Xmas tree covered in pretty colored sparkly sea life. And I've always had a super soft spot for Octopi. If only there was a jellyfish pattern to go with or a narwhal. (Hmmm.....maybe next year Futuregirl?). Anyway, I'm totally ordering these patterns and going to try to fit in a mass of ornament crafting in between all the other holiday crafting I'd like to do but haven't even started yet. Yikes! I have a hard time putting realistic restraints on my crafty projects.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vampirey Goodness

Just finished New Moon by Stephenie Meyer today. Actually I was reading the last few pages during my lunchbreak and it was so noisy in the lunchroom that I holed up in my office with my door closed for a few minutes just so I could finish it un-interrupted.
Its all about teenagers and vampires and other creatures. Fun! Its book two in a trilogy so I've already reserved book three from the local library.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Books and magazine ponderings and surrenders

I've been reading a whole lot as always. Here's my most recent books.

How Sassy Changed My Life was book number 4 in my quest to read more nonfiction (from my 101 list). Obviously, I'me starting out pretty easy and girly on this goal. So far I've read two books about reproduction and two books about feminism. Who knows where I'll go next!

I liked this book. It made me wish I had another magazine to fall in love with. Right now I only subscribe to The Sun Literary Magazine and Cooking Light. I recently let my Lucky subscription lapse. I need some fabulously well-rounded magazine to fall for I think. Any suggestions?

Straight Man was good! Even funnier than Empire Falls. I quite enjoy Richard Russo's writing about middle aged men. Makes me think about my dad and make me think how I owe him a call.

Purple Hibiscus is gonna be a non-finisher for me. And I hate not finishing a book, but man! I'm listening to it on tape and my sense of dread for the family in the story is too much. I don't feel that much of a connection with them either, just dread. And I was so ready to mentally escape to Africa for a while.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Library Madness

I'm either the public library's best or worst user. The amount of books I have out right now is madness. Here's what I have:

-Setting Free the Bears - by John Irving. I'm determined to read all his novels, but so far this one isn't grabbing me.
- Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Agozi Adichie. Set in Nigeria, this story is making me so anxious, I'm listening to it on tape, and I'm not so sure I want to continue. The story is doing something to my nerves.
-A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. Next up for listening to in the car. A supernatural story set in a girls boarding school. Sounds very good.
- New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. So anxious to start this one! I may have to crack it open tonight. Teenage vampires!
- Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. I've heard so many good things about this book. Its about a household of thieves.
-Rosie Little's Cautionary Tales for Girls by Danielle Wood.I love fairy tales and short stories. This looks right up my alley. And a good breather book since most of the novels on my stand seem to have between 300 and 400 pages.
-Femme Fatale by Pat Shipman. About Mata Hari. I've had this out for far to long. I need to either read it or return it.
-Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. I keep putting this off for other books. I think I'm a little afraid I won't love this as much the second time around.
-Clouds and Eclipses by Gore Vidal. Another I've renewed a ridiculous numbe rof times without opening.
-Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. This is the graphic novel version of a novel I heart very much. It shall be read soon and quickly.
-The Spanish Bow by Andromeda Romano-Lax.About a violinist. Another I've read raves reviews about.
-I Dreamed of Africa by Kuki Gallman. I've been in an African mood lately I think.
-Fabulous Felted Scarves by Chad Alice Hagen & Jorie Johnson. Cause while swearing not to start new projects, I still cannot help but think about them. I'm delusional I know.

13 books! I think maybe I have a bit of a library addiction.


I have this insane notion that I need to make some progress on my innumerable un-finished projects. Maybe if I make myself finsih two projects for every new one I start. I'm not sure that's possible - especially since I should make an exception for Xmas and etsy projects. Its an admirable idea though. Right now, I'd love to finish a softie for my 16 year old niece and a painting I've stalled on. There must be progress and maybe even completeion this month! Hold me to it. Plus that pesky photo album. Oh my - this could take a while.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

One of these nights the whole world's going down

Love this song:


We had these on our windows for the Halloween party. Also inspired by Martha Stewart. I love how the bird monster looks like he has intentions for the feeder.
I stumbled onto a blog chock full of pretty clothes like those below. Check out The Perfect Closet to see more of her pretty picks.