Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bookworm Carnival

So I just read about the Bookworm Carnival on the marvelous book blog, A Striped Armchair, and not being one for hesitation, I couldn't resist jumping right on it.

My favorite series that falls into this category is Jane Yolen's Great Alta series comprising of Sister Light, Sister Dark, White Jenna, and the One-Armed Queen. But it may take some digging because I definitely prefer the old covers as opposed to the new ones.
My god, I loved this series like it was tailor made for me. Badass women and layers upon layers of invented myth and research entwined with the actual story. So freakin' good!
And I'm so happy that the Carnival made me think of this cause now I know what I'm sending my 14 year old niece for her birthday!

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