Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sucked into YA books

I'm really loving teen books lately. First the Stephenie Meyer vampire books, and now A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Gray- a series about English girls at a boarding school who discover sorcery. So good! At first I was mad when I got to the end, thiking that it finished up pretty abruptly. Then I looked it up and realized that its the first of a series. Now I love it.
I'm listed as #1 one for both the 3rd vampire book and for the second sorcery book. They're both enormous and I'm sure they will come in all at once. Decisions shall have to be made. (Not to mention the 500+ page book I'm reading at the moment. I may have to start researching some less tome-like novels to pick up).
Someone glancing at this blog lately would probably think I'm 13 years old and not in my late twenties. Mentally, they may be right.

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Jen said...

look at you go with the YA novels! WOW! i'm reading JFic right now too. THE DARK IS RISING series.