Monday, November 12, 2007

Books and magazine ponderings and surrenders

I've been reading a whole lot as always. Here's my most recent books.

How Sassy Changed My Life was book number 4 in my quest to read more nonfiction (from my 101 list). Obviously, I'me starting out pretty easy and girly on this goal. So far I've read two books about reproduction and two books about feminism. Who knows where I'll go next!

I liked this book. It made me wish I had another magazine to fall in love with. Right now I only subscribe to The Sun Literary Magazine and Cooking Light. I recently let my Lucky subscription lapse. I need some fabulously well-rounded magazine to fall for I think. Any suggestions?

Straight Man was good! Even funnier than Empire Falls. I quite enjoy Richard Russo's writing about middle aged men. Makes me think about my dad and make me think how I owe him a call.

Purple Hibiscus is gonna be a non-finisher for me. And I hate not finishing a book, but man! I'm listening to it on tape and my sense of dread for the family in the story is too much. I don't feel that much of a connection with them either, just dread. And I was so ready to mentally escape to Africa for a while.

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