Monday, December 3, 2007


Tonsilitis is the big reason why I can't do anything - go to work, craft, read. Everything is impossible thanks to my miserableness and the blurry vision that comes along with it. Thank god for movies and books on tape.

Here's the movies I've seen lately:

How can you resist a movie with Daniel Craig in all his ugly hotness in it? It was a fun watch. A bit convoluted but that could be do to my brain working so slow thanks to all the stupid snot in it. I don't really get the Sienna Miller thing though. Is she really so irresistable?

Half Nelson was not good. I'd heard all these wonderful things about it, but then it just wasn't good. There were a few jaw dropping scenes and the girl who plays Drey is amazingly good. Amazing! However, the story not so amazing at all.

I watched Bus Stop this morning. Marilyn Monroe is adorable. Cute film!

Then I braved the bitter cold to borrow a bunch more movies from the library so I don't die of boredom. I wish I could fast forward through this yuckness.

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