Friday, November 23, 2007

Thieves and Rats

Its seriously cold in my apartment. This is made even more obvious by my cat stalking me waiting for me to stay put so she can curl up on me. Luckily, she noticed that the computer was turned on and now she's curled up on the monitor - leaving my hands free for typing.

I just cranked up the heat and put a pot of tea onto boil. That should help.

I finished a great book this morning. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters is similiar to a Dickens tale - with interesting characters from different class levels and twisty turny plot lines. I was seriously hooked on the story. And after ranting last night about why in the heck are they making dumb-looking movies like the one coming out based on The Chipmunks cartoon when there are good books out there just waiting to be turned into amazing movies, I found out this morning that the BBC already has done it. Its already on my Netflix queue.

I also just finished listening to Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH on tape. So good! And I adore listening to books where accents are involved. I know this story, and yet I couldn't help getting nervous when poor Mrs. Frisby had to go visit the owl. Such a great children's story!

Now I've got my hands on the third book of Stephenie Meyer's vampire series, Eclipse. If I'm not careful I could while away my whole weekend under a blanket, sipping tea, and reading. (Doesn't that sound marvelous?) But I have things to do! I've promised a cake for a good friend's 30th birthday (and I already feel baked out after turkey day) and I'm determined to make our own Xmas cards this year. Busy busy busy!

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