Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hat envy

After being kept home sick for a full week (my god I am so behind at work!), all I've accomplished is some serious movie watching thanks to the library.

The Cazalets miniseries was pretty fantastic. A huge family in England coping with the onset of WWII. I really really enjoyed this one - all 6 hours of it.

I finally watched A Good Woman as well. It sent me into serious hat envy. Location envy too! Such pretty scenery and costumes. I did get a little tired of all Oscar Wilde's witticisms on marriage but maybe that's just cause I've heard them all so many times.

For some reason, Marilyn Monroe movies make me feel better when I'm ill. They're so fun and I really covet her wardrobe throughout the whole thing (not the stage costumes, but definitely what she wears while off the stage). Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is so much fun.

I finally caught Two for the Road as well. I'm frightfully behind on some of my Audrey Hepburn films. I liked it okay. Not so sure what the initial attraction to Albert Finney's character was all about, but I liked that it showed the roller coaster of relationships.

The one book I managed was a book on tape. The Greatest Generation Speaks was very touching. I'll admit to being irked a few times when the writers felt the need to cast aspersions on all following generations, but those moments where few and far between. It's hard not to be amazed at what so many people went through. (And as a nonfiction book, I'm counting this as book #5 for nonfiction reading #52 on my 101 list).

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