Monday, January 26, 2009

So bleak

I read Carmac McCarthy's novel The Road in a single day. The story about a father and son just trying to survive a desolate hopeless world was completely engrossing. I loved the writing style. The way he created the world - whole and never explaining more than need be. This book could have easily fallen into annoying preachy territory, but it never did.

It also avoided filling me with dread. The world is a hopeless one, but I loved that there was never an "uh-oh" mistake moment when the character does something that the reader knows will end in doom.

This is a strong strong book, and highly recommended by me. I give it an eight. But make sure to have something uplifting to pick up immediately after finishing this one. So dark!


Charley said...

I am a fan of McCarthy's spare, unapologetic style. I hope to read Blood Meridian soon.

Jennie said...

There are so few novels that have touched me on as deep a gut level as this one.

I'm both insanely curious about and terrifed of the upcoming movie...