Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Courtyard Hound

Do yourself a favor and go check out City of Thieves from you local library right now. Its the story of two young Russian guys sent on an impossible mission to find a dozen eggs during WWII. Almost all of my reading about WWII focuses on the Holocaust so it was really different for me to read about the tale of a city under siege.
The story bounces back and forth between humor and friendship to absolute horrors and tragedy. I think that as a reader I couldn't have handled all the horrors of war in this story without the friendship of the two as a buffer. This is a genuine laughing and crying book, and I gotta say that any book that can do both always ranks high with me.
This book is going to stay with me for a long long time. I'm giving it a 9.

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Charley said...

This book sounds good - I'll add it to my list. Thank You for your review.