Sunday, January 4, 2009

Simply adorable

I watched It Happened One Night online on Netflix while the husband was in his forty-billionth hour of watching West Wing. (Why did I get him the whole series all at once when I knew this would happen?) Anyway, this movie is absolutely adorable. The main characters are so much fun and so individual. Its better than any romantic comedy I've seen in ages. Clark Gable is great as the somewhat untrustworthy newsman and Claudette Colbert is such a perfect mix of sophisticated and naive. Giving this one an 8.5.


Charley said...

I liked this movie, too, especially the scene you have pictured. I thought Clark Gable was quite handsome. I recall reading in the insert or on IMDB that the movie was difficult to make and the actors were not enthusiastic about it, but I thought it turned out great.

Allison said...

I wish there was a service as efficient as Netflix in Canada - all the similar ones have HORRID reviews about customer service.