Sunday, January 18, 2009

Beautiful toxic jungles

I watched Nausicaa on a slow afternoon. The tale is wonderfully inventive. Moldy toxic jungles and giant insects have taken over the world, and, as the poisonous mold spores spread, mankind is being wiped out. This movie shows how civilization tries to survive and take back the earth.
The Good:
1. Those toxic jungles and insects are wildly imaginative and beautifully realized. I loved the plants most of all.
2. This movie doesn't pull a lot of punches. People are awful to eachother and bad stuff happens. (Can you tell I hate adventure stories and movies that take place in a lala land where there are no bad consequences?)
3. I want a super cool glider and a deerfox of my very own.
The Not-So-Good:
1. Princess Nausicaa is a bit too-clever-good-wholesome-magical-perfect. She has no flaws whatsoever and everyone worships her. Its kinda annoying.
2. I'm a wee bit tired of movies with a message about the environment. I like it too be a bit less heavy-handed and pummelly.
Rating this one a 5. Visually, this is amazing.

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