Sunday, January 11, 2009

Resolution Check-In Time

Cause I need to be held accountable.

1. Prettify the house.
- I realized that the paint I re-did the window with was far too flat so I picked up new paint and am trying again today. Cross your fingers for me. I'm also gonna touch up the other window frames where I tore out some old fixtures.

2. Feel more comfortable.
- Serious menu planning happening this week will help me keep eating healthy.

3. Take some classes.
- I signed up for pottery and it starts on Tuesday. Very happy to take this up again!

4. Change the world.
- As posted below, the hubs and I are donating blood next Saturday. His closet is also do for a clean-out and many items will be donated to the local mens shelter. I've also gotten better at taking my own sacks to shops instead of using plastic bags.

- We've also talked about upping our charitable giving. Right now I donate $70 monthly to the charity I work for. I want to up my overall giving to $100 monthly so we're gonna pick one charity a month and send them $30. Very excited about this!

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