Tuesday, March 18, 2008


At long last, I've sent out my package for the garden swap over at A Little Sussy. Since the recipient doesn't know I have a blog, I'm free to go ahead and post a picture of what's being sent. (I'm impatient like that).

Gina is into flower gardening. She's a teacher who likes books and lives in New York. So what do you send such a lady? Here's what I put together:
- 4 packets of flower seeds (3 of them good for cut flowers)
- A cute vase to put cut flowers in
- A felt flower made by yours truly to put in the cute vase while waiting for the first flowers of spring to go ahead and bloom already.
- Some vintage flowery postcards
- Two gardening memoirs by Dominique Browning - Around the House and in the Garden and Paths of Desire
- Pretty photo notecards by my ever so talented husband (available for purchase on his etsy shop - In The Sun Studio)

I hope she likes her package!


Ani said...

ooo! what a nice package. i always loved reading Dominique Browning's words in my (sniff) beloved and defunct house and garden magazine.

Ani said...

p.s. i forgot to say, i LOVE your list over there in the sidebar!