Sunday, March 9, 2008

Welcome to my abode

I realized that I hadn't shared some awesome thrifty finds. Please ignore the clutter!

Here is one corner of my living room. The yellow piece on the wall is really a silk scarf my husband found. We stretced it over a canvas and hung it up. I love it. The dragon was a goodwill find from years ago. I'm losing some fondness for it, but the husband keeps pointing out its supposedly excellent feng shui (even though I'm pretty sure he knows nothing about feng shui).

That awesome macrame ttree hanging was originally meant for etsy via MiriamandEleanor but I fell in love with it. The dangers of having a vintage shop!

And this I had to share cause it looks so pretty. Just ignore the laundry basket. And the bench that mneeds recovered. The iron bed is a serious find though. My parents found it at an auction and refinished it for us. The dresser (in need of replacement knobs) was a yardsale find.
Ever so slowly I'm working on finding things I like better and replacing some of our pieces or finding ways to improve upon what we already have. We're not much for brand new furniture whenever possible.

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