Monday, March 31, 2008

Chock full of movies and books

I'm still adoring Georgette Heyer. False Colours was pretty adorable. Its the tale of identical twins. When the heir goes missing, his brother takes his place to meet his intended's family. Sounds like typicall romance fare, right? But it is so much more clever and adorable. Heyer is far more Jane Austen-like; its a story about society and manners and people. Absolutely no bodice-ripping. In fact the most action in a typical Heyer novel might be a kiss - and a rather chaste one at that.
I particularly adored the characters of Lady Denville, the twins' mother, and her devoted Sir Bonamy. A very fun and fluffy romp!

Anne of the Island did not disappoint. I love it so much! I know that before very long, I'll have to buy this entire set for myself. I think Anne and all her neighbors will need frequent revisits. For now though, I still have whole bunches more sequels to look forward to. (Also I get to mark another book off my 101 list at the right).

We watched The End of the Affair the other night. Normally, any movie with the dashing Ralph Fiennes in it is a hit with me. Sadly, that wasn't so this time. I found it pretty predicatble and overly melodramatic as well as hard to care much for the two characters. Eh! Two saving graces though - the first was Julianne Moore's wardrobe which I covet and the second was the way Ralph's character's eyes glittered all angry and devastated when they met in the restaurant after two years. I must admit that caused a few small heart palpitations for this girl.

Stardust was so much fun! All adventure and romance and comedy and beautiful vistas. Good job! This is one that worried me from the start. I really like this book and the trailers looked pretty blah. But it wasn't blah at all.

And the whole way through I was coveting the witch's pretty yellow gypsy wagon, but that's to be expected.

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Ani said...

i'll have to try stardust; i, too, enjoyed the book and was suspicious of the film adaptation.

and ralph finnes...dreamy. it sounds like the movie is much like the book. i love graham greene, but this book left me wishing for a character i could like.