Thursday, February 15, 2007


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More inspiration! I spotted this dress on flickr. She made it from a pattern found at her local goodwill. Cute, original looking pieces like this are another reason I need to keep practicing on the sewing machine. (and looking at that dress, getting familiar with my pilates tapes again wouldn't hurt either).

You can see more of her clothes on Flickr.

I did cut out the pieces for a turtle puppy for another nephew. I think he'll come together pretty easy unless I keep making it harder by adding ideas to it. I'll share some progess pictures tonight. I'm making him and the kitty to go with out of kids flannel fabrics which is pretty fun to work with after all that grey corduroy I used for the robot. These ones are very bright.

And I watched Marie Antoinette last night. Pretty! That's the best description for it - pretty, pretty, pretty! And I often find Kirsten Dunst a little on the annoying side (especially in that one movie where she had a southern accent and played a flight attendant. Bleh!). But she was perfect in this one. And oh my the costumes and sets were spectacular.

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Miss Frugality said...

Hi Claire,Thanks for leaving the nice comment on my blog :-)....just been reading yours.I see you're a flickr addict too!
Difficult to find the time to make anything when there's so much to see on the web.
p.s.nice pottery necklaces!