Friday, February 9, 2007

Things I Want and Things That Give Me the Creeps

I'm currently coveting bento boxes. They're cool! I don't know if I could embrace making cute lunches, but I could definitely embrace putting my boring lunches in a cute box. I blame flickr for this current obsession: Bento Box Pool

Oh and I need this light so bad I can't even explain it:

Found via Not Martha who found it on DesignSponge (how's that for a reference?). One day to be sold from here. Soon I hope!

This game I find strangely soothing: Castle

What's creeping me out? Those Blythe dolls. I find them so disturbing, and I can't figure out why. See them here if you dare. I'm I the only one who has this reaction to them?

Later tonight I'm gonna post some pottery projects that I picked up tonight.

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