Thursday, February 8, 2007

As Promised

First off, more felt goodness:

I really like this one - the shape and the colors are pretty. I'm not gonna even risk mucking it up with bad embroidery.
Branching out from regular 2d flowers. This 3d flower is too much of a temptation for the critters. The cats see it as a kitty toy. Lincoln thinks its his. I have to keep it in my button jar for safety.

I'm not satisfied with the pink haired woman. I'm gonna fuss with her some more.
I put this up over our spare room (computer/ craft space). Its a good reminder for both of us. Me to be crafting and him to be taking photographs more often.

This I do not love. I did them cause I saw them on Flickr (I'll find the link here in a moment). It didn't work out so well as I'd hoped, but I kind of like the flowery look of it when smooshed. Pondering a flowery wall art piece now instead of hanging globes.

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