Wednesday, February 21, 2007


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Bad bad bad leaky roof, car problem galore, crappy day. So to cheer myself up I'm looking at pretty flickr pictures and envisioning what crafty things they could become.

This one......a quilt! A vibrant beautiful stripey quilt. Too bad I have no quilting skills. My mum is an excellent quiltress (and if that isn't a word it should be). I cannot send the idea her way though cause she's still working on my wedding quilt. And as that's almost a year and a half overdue (hint hint if you're reading this, mum), I should keep other ideas to myself.

I suppose its a good thing I haven't gotten it yet because there's still the leaky ceiling issue. It hasn't gotten my bed, but it would if there was a beautiful subtley colored Irish chain quilt adorning my bed.

Anyway, I love these colors much. Oh and some of the photographer's other pics would make delightful quilts. Like this or this. I like the idea of looking for more inspiration from random things rather than just other craftiness.

Or this would make a great embroidered piece or this a painting or this another quilt or printing on a skirt (from completely different photographers). I know that everyone takes ideas from the whole world around them, but I am enjoying this exercise of looking closely at pictures that appeal to me and determining what I could specifically do with each different inspiration.

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