Sunday, February 11, 2007

Get Drunk Make Art Party

Last month, we held a party in honor of my husband's 29th birthday. In addition to the regular cake and booze and fondue pot, we set up a get drunk and make art area. It was lots of fun. Here's a few of the art projects that were made:
Many many cranes were made.
A snake and bunny combo (don't look Kelly!) created because someone's ex wife had switched from owning pet bunnies to raising them to feed to her new husband's snakes - which we all agreed was creepy. Bunnies and snakes are great - it was just a weird reversal we thought.

Other art included a balloon with the name Becki stamped all over it, a psychadelic mushroom, and several odd paper thingies including a birthday card for my husband. I highly approve of drunken artmaking, but I was unfortunately too on the drunk side to make much art (damn those tequila spiked limeades!).

The next party I'm attending is going to have a get drunk make art station specifically for making masks. I think its a very cool idea.

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