Monday, January 8, 2007

Necklace Tiles

I've been puttering away at a pottery class lately. Not a talent that's coming easy to me, but I am really enjoying working with clay. The wheel is still a bit intimidating though. Here's the results so far:

I've had a bit of a snail obsession lately.

This was a happy accident. I smudged colors on there that were never intended for that tile. I love the effect though.

The far right one was a gift for my sister in Texas. Thought it was cute.

And this bowl is the first piece outta my class. A little lopsided, but cute.


Jaynee said...

When my husband and I lived in Queens I used to walk by a pottery place on my way home from work and always thought, "I should take a pottery class," but I never did.

And I LOVE that second necklace that was a happy accident!

amanda said...

Beautiful! I'd love to try my hand at pottery some day, your post is great inspiration :) And your fruit bowl so very cute!

PS: thanks for delurking on my blog earlier! I love that Delurking Week is making me discover all these lovely new-to-me blogs - like yours :)