Monday, May 26, 2008


So a while back I wrote about a fabulous new Somerset Studio magazine called Artful Blogging. The folks there found my comment and asked permission to use. I said sure and promptly forgot about it. Well, flash forward to Saturday when I was wandering through a craft store and spotted it on the magazine rack. They actually used my post in the comment section!
Cool, right? However, I'd posted about how I was gonna prettify my blog. That hasn't really really happened so well yet in the chaos of moving but I've got a fresh inspiration and accountability now. I did manage to go get myself a pretty new camera using my etsy earnings so far. Those earnings really only paid for half the cost of the camera - but still half!
And I took a pretty picture. Enjoy!

And in the interest of prettification, Ms. Kristen is gonna do me up a fabulous new banner. So expect prettyness! And while you're waiting on it to happen here, there's always other people's prettyness to be found at our So Sweet and So Cold blog.

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