Wednesday, May 14, 2008


You'd think that with the closing on our house coming up, I'd have no time for reading or watching movies. However, you'd be quite wrong. With all the knots in my stomach worrying senselessly about the prospect of being an honest-to-goodness homeowner, I need distractions!

Here's what's been distracting me lately (besides copious amounts of wine).

Darkon I liked a great deal. I love documentaries about strange little subcultures (King of Kong anyone?). This is a look at folks in Baltimore that get together every other weekend to roleplay as knights and wizards. I thought it was really well done - particularly the way they contrast all the battle scenes with shots of housing developments and daily drudgery.

I picked up The Magic Bottle cause I like the artwork of Camille Rose Garcia. And the artwork is pretty wonderful but the story is more pathetic. It tries for ridiculous and whimsical but it really doesn't seem to work.
Pop Surrealism is chock full of interesting art - including the above mentioned Garcia. I definitely prefer the less cartoony type of underground art.

Ghost Soldiers is book number 23 in my 101 goal to read 50 nonfiction books. It was a loaner from my dad and a pretty terrific read. Its all about a mission to rescue 500 of the sickest and weakest POWs who survived the Bataan Death March and lived in a wretched POW camp for 5 years. It reads like a Hollywood movie.

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Anonymous said...

I too borrower this book from my dad -- was a great read -- very intense.