Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My do-gooder aspirations

Much of my mental efforts on this house-buying of ours has been spent thinking of ways to live a bit greener lifetsyle in our happy home. My plotting has led to these schemes:

  • Using a clothesline in the summertime. I can see where the last resident had one strung up before. Now I just need to pick up a length of cord and some clothespins.
  • Riding my bike on way more errands. Our apartment is near lots of things, but it generally requires a trip across a scary bad road to get to these things (except for my beloved local Chinese place). The house is in a fabulous neighborhood. All I need is to outfit my bike with a basket and then I can ride it everywhere - to the local co-op market, to the splendid wee grocery store with the fabulous wine selection, to the shops on High Street, and even to the bar (well maybe that's not the best idea).
  • Gardening! I'll be growing my own veggies and herbs. I'll be canning some of them too.
  • Composting for the gardening. We'll have no garbage disposal in our sweet old house which is fine with me cause we'll have space for a composter. Any suggestions for the best kind? I'm thinking an enclosed one would be best since we'll also have neighbors.
  • Buying most things we need for the house second hand. Partially for the environment but this is also gonna benefit our bank accounts. Plus it feeds my terrible Craigslist addiction.
  • Using homemade cleaners. I'm researching this one right now. I'm also curious about homemade personal care products.

If you're looking for green living inspiration, my two favorite blogs on the subject right now are Environmentastic and Tiny Choices.

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Ani said...

we share several aspirations right now! i need to figure out the whole composting thing too and where to string a clothesline.

i've been using a white vinegar, dab of (natural) dishsoap and water solution for most of my cleaning. works just great!