Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It'll turn you into mush

Okay, so I should have known that a book written by and about a man who lost his wife very young in life would turn me into a teary eyed mushball. Sometimes, its good to be a mushball! Read Love is a Mix Tape if you're in need of some musical nostalgia and a good cathartic bawl. I really really liked it.

We breezed through the first season on Monarch of the Glen over the long weekend. The husband put it right when he referred to it as Northern Exposure in Scotland. Very fun and cute with scenery that makes me want to smack myself for not having a passport right now.

I watched only half of the David Attenborough special The Life of Birds before i had to return it to the library. It's stunning! I'm going to have to check it out again and just sit in front of it with my sketchbook at the ready to try to capture some of its interestingness. The best was this bird:

The kakapo is very endangered and ridiculously cute. Flightless, it looks like a cartoon version of a pudgy parrot/owl/groundhog.

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