Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fine tuning

Here's the latest round-up of what I've been reading and watching.

This little novella is pretty charming. You have to love a book with characters named Ambrose Zephyr and Zappora Ashkenazi. Or at least I do. The End of the Alphabet is charming and sweet.

I may be the last person in the world to read The Outsiders, but I finally did. I listened to it at work and really really liked it. I cannot believe the author was only 16 years old. Geez! I was mostly touched by how caring and sweet the boys were to eachother even though they all identified themselves as hoodlums.

Service Included was a quick breezey nonfiction read about life as a server in a fancy restaurant. Pretty fun reading.

Hmmm.....funny in parts but so painfully (and I do mean squirming in my seat painfully) awkward at times. Knocked Up was somewhat fun, but I have a hard time believing a guy could be so damn socially challenged. And I've known some guys with really awful social skills. Meh.

Population: 485 is such a treasure of a book. The small town characters were so lovingly well described. And now and then I would stumble upon such a gem of a sentence. Like this one:

"Somewhere on I-80, still in Iowa, westbound mile marker 13, a little overpass, a blackbird teeters on a wire, flutters against the crosswind, and just as we pass beneath, he allows himself to be swept aloft and I think, these are the moments that fine-tune the spin of the earth."

Simply gorgeous.

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