Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Heart wrenching, fluffy, and disappointing

That title might be all the review you need really.

Finished On Chesil Beach yesterday. What a brief and absorbingly detailed look into a couple's relationship! Utterly heart wrenching! I liked it very much.

I watched Three Coins in a Fountain tonight. Super fluffy romance classic about three secretaries looking for romance in Rome. Watchable if only for the stylish dresses and the incredibly cheesy theme song.

Round Ireland with a Fridge was a bit of a letdown. All about a man who bets a buddy that he can hitchhike his way all around Ireland with a fridge. Seems like a fun story, right? I was disappointed that he had the help of a big radio station to accomplish his feat. The betting part was funny, but all the rest was only mildly amusing.

I'm on to reading Zelda: A Biography about Zelda Fitzgerald and listening to Brideshead Revisited. Both are thoroughly fascinating.

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