Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween pictures (part 1)

We had a Halloween party on Saturday. (which by the way was #87 on my 101 list.) I was Frida Kahlo (which hardly anyone got, but I'm always okay with that). Everyone came in costume! It was great.

So so wrong I know but he is my little brother. He's used to getting away with shit.

I found this banner at the local Goodwill. The bats in the hallway were inspired by Martha Stewart, high priestess of all holiday crafting. In fact almost all our decor was ripped straigh from good ol' Martha.

Glittery skull! A pain but so cool looking.

The whole house was covered in webs and spiders and a couple of these spider balls.

My favorite costume of the night:

"Peg" even brought keychains to sell and a camera for any much-needed Glamour Shots. Very thorough!

Couple of friends looking fittingly evil:
Old dead people staying in grim character:

I'll have some more pictures tomorrow.

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