Saturday, April 21, 2007

Odds and Ends

Here's the platypus I made for my monsters. I'll do a family portrait once I get his leash made.

And here's the endless stars I've been working on. I'll have to make myself stop with the star-making and start with the garland-stringing before this gets even more out of hand.


futuregirl said...

I love making lucky stars so freakin' much. Every time I walk through a city's Chinatown, I always look for lucky star strips, and I'm never disappointed. Yours are gorgeous. Such beautiful paper.

Jamie Meares said...

i know nothing about these stars. please explain.

and i like the cut of that platypus's jib.

Jamie Meares said...

i have two things to tell you

1) my mom had the panda bear keds on last night, and they are really really cute. she said they were only $40

2) when you reply back to a comment i post on your blog through email, how do you do that?

Ulla said...

Sweet little platypus... Thanks for your comment on my blog today!

Jenni-Raie said...

wow that's a lot of stars! What will you use the garland for?

Crafty Aspirations said...

I think I'm gonna hang a few strands over a door. That's the plan so far anyway. I have two strands done and will post pictures soon.