Sunday, April 15, 2007

Accomplice in catastrophe

I just finished Savage Beauty by Nancy Milford. Its the biography of Edna St. Vincent Millay. Absolutely fabulous read! Its very interesting to know so much more about someone who wrote such beautiful poetry even if as a person, she was not the most admirable. Still I require plain prettiness from artists rather than ideal lifestyles. She was a fascinating woman and the book was so well written I am adding Milford's biography of Zelda Fitzgerald to my endless "To Be Read" list.

And I do believe that I'm going to remain haunted by the following lines:

"That which has quelled me, lives with me,
Accomplice in catastrophe."

I also recently watched "Frida" and am so in love with the movie. Please share more suggestions for books, art, music, and movies to throw myself into. I have always been particularly taken with Mexican surrealism and colorful imagery (which makes it al the more nuts that I hadn't picked up this movie until now). Send me any ideas for keeping me in the wonderful dreamy bubble that I found myself in after watching this movie.


Jamie Meares said...

i read lots, so i'm glad you're blogging about books.
what are your top 3 recommendations for me to try?

in the past year, i've been reading about the tudor family. its sort of historical fiction. so lots of drama, but some learning involved. i started with The Last Boelyn" -- good.
then i read I, Elizabeth and then the biography of henry viii. i just finished mary, queen of scott's biography. i know its sounds horrible, but it really was good.

Karen Beth said...

Ohhh... I might have to put this one on my To-Be-Read list. Thanks! Sounds amazing!

I've not read it but have a copy and have always meant to read it... Secrets of the Flwsh. Have you read it yet? It is about the life of Colette. From what I've read and heard, it is great.

I also agree with Jamie Meares, I love historical fiction. I recently read The Other Boleyn Girl and it is amazing. VERY good read. I highly recommend it.

Nice blog you have here. :)

Karen Beth