Saturday, March 3, 2007

Too Cool!

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This looks to be a paper mache creature. Found on flickr (of course). You have to check out the whole photo stream. All the creations are so colorful and fun, and there's some really neat feltwork as well.

My last paper mache project was a jellyfish that never came out like I thought it should. This might inspire me to try something else.

Lately I've been playing with shrinkydink (a word I just love to chant). Nothing great so far (I'll still share pictures - after all this is supposed to record my failures too, right?).

I'm also painting, but I'm reluctant to share pictures of this project. My reluctance comes from the fact that the idea is totally ripped off from a fabulous etsy artist. The painting isn't a copy - the idea is. I want to buy one of her wonderful pieces, but at the moment its not in the budget (although I'm making strong birthday hintings). So how awful is it that I'm trying to do one of my own? I obviously am not gonna ever sell anything like this - they just looked like so much fun to do that I had to try it. So I'm doing one and having fun with it, but still feeling guilty and unoriginal (and appreciating just how talented she is). As I said, I'm gonna buy me a real one sometime this year, but I still am doubting that I should even post the one I'm doing for right now - just do to the lack of originality issue. Anyway, here's her etsy shop. Go buy something and make me feel better.

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