Saturday, March 24, 2007

More Reviews & One Lone Book

I promise I've been crafting, but I'm sending out a swap on Monday and I want to make sure I don't ruin the surprise. So no craft posts until mid week.

However, my vacation has provided me with some time to read and watch movies. Here's my thoughts.

The Night Listener - meh. Very not worth my time as much as I love Toni Collette.

Casino Royale - the new Bond is so very hot. I shall be catching many more Bond flicks if he sticks around. I like that his face is a bit homely. The smokin hot persona and bod is enough - I generally prefer men who aren't too pretty. And the action scenes are seriously cool.

The Science of Sleep - I couldn't even finish it. And usually I love weirdo films.

Tideland - One of my new faves. Jeliza Rose and her creepy doll head friends are impossible to resist. Plus Jeff Daniels! And monster sharks! Loved it to pieces. The actress who plays the main character is insanely good.

First They Killed my Father - I am no longer allowed to complain about anything for at least a month if not forever. I'm amazed by this book. Amazed by what peple can do to other people but also amazed by what people can live through and not be completely messed up for life. Highly recommended read.

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