Sunday, March 4, 2007

Wall Art

First a disclaimer - I had nothing to do with this one. All credit goes to the amazing Mr. Char. A while back he put up some CD case wall art a la ReadyMade. The landscape picture he used was cool, but there were some errors in putting it in and it wasn't very colorful. This week he swapped out the landscape for another one of his pictures, a closeup of some sunflower petals.

And yes, it is huge and colorful. Its perfect for our living room. A room that is gonna look even better thanks to a tip from Marissa! She told me that the birdcage curtains we both adore were on sale. Now I have two panels of this loveliness wafting its way to me.

If you want them for yourself, look here.


jen said...

oooh looks great!!! i can't see themiddle from the flash, but what a wonderful thing to have on the wall!

and the curtains are fabulous. I love those too!

Alyssa said...

Good for people to know.