Monday, March 12, 2007

Felted Girl Gone Wild

I finally finished my very first real needle felted creation. I obviously need more practice. I had visions of a group of tough-luck plucky women. The first is this lady (I think I called her Lorraine after Patty Griffin's song Sweet Lorraine):

I love her hair and her googly eyes. Her body is pretty meh - especially the whole arm and hand areas.

I think I need more supplies because all my roving was donated. While I like a lot of the colors (some of which is sparkly), I'd like to be able to work with bright colors of my own choosing. So maybe I need to venture to the yarn shop and buy lots of plain white roving and then learn how to dye it myself.

There are some super cute things being done with needle felting out there. I just need to keep playing with it and get better at it.


futuregirl said...

Looks like a great first felt creation to me. :)

Lorien said...

She has a definite personality. I love her expression. Have you checked out Weir Dolls for felting supplies, and there are etsy shops that sell hand dyed roving. Of course, if you decide to dye your own I hope you will share your experience on your blog.