Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Separate Tables

I watched Separate Tables last night. I picked it out of a list of Oscar nominees. (I quite often like the idea of expanding my movie education by doing things like that).

The movie is all about longterm residents at a hotel, each dealing with painful loneliness. As the story progresses, many characters find ways to reach out to eachother, but not in the modern sappy romantic comedy style of many of today's movies. There's a lot of real pain and flaws and issues here.

I've been pondering my lack of a rating system on here. Generally, my reviews are "I liked it!" or "Ugh." I'm completely inspired by Books I Done Read whose rating system I love. So in honor of that, all reviews are getting a 1 - 10 placement.

This movie gets a solid 6, mostly because the actress who plays the hotel keeper was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

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