Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ponderings for a new year

New years make everything seem so much more possible. I'm no stranger to resolutions and goals - I seem to set a whole bunch every other month. However, that little flip of the calendar is like a brand new notebook given to me to fill up. And I've already begun scheming about how I'd like to fill it.
So here's what I'm pondering:
1. Major house progress. We've been here 6 whole months now and have hardly made a dent in the work that needs done. I'm all for not killing ourselves, but making time for some home improvement every now and then definitely needs to happen.
2. Participate in some reading challenges. Post to follow on this.
3. As always make some major dents in my 101 listy. Specifically up for crossing off or just making progress on:
- See whales. We're pondering a trip to Maine so this may be a distinct possibility.
- Visit (at least) 3 different wineries for wine tastings (i've done 2, and a third will be easy peasy.
- Contemplate big life questions. Answers are becoming more and more apparent lately.
- Get a massage. Already in the works!
- Visit a dermatologist and get checked for skin cancer. Cause I'd like to continue making resolutions for a long long time to come.
- Read Lord of the Rings trilogy.
- Read 50 nonfiction books. I'm currently at 37 of 50. This goal is so reachable.
- Do the 365 days project.
And others of course, but particularly these ones.
4. More posting on here. Mainly cause I love sharing with my internet friends, but also cause it keeps me thinking and plotting.
Mostly, I just want to focus on more. More fun. More creative endeavors. More time and plans with friends and family. More pursuits of my happiness. 2009 is the year that I shall turn 30, and I'm quite determined to make it a wonderful and satisfying one.

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