Monday, December 22, 2008


I adore Dr. Seuss - completely adore all his wonderfully imaginative words and pictures. So when the boy suggested we watch Horton Hears a Who, I was worried about what they might do to my favorite doctor. Justifiably so, it seems. Here's what I think (in list form cause I lurve lists).
1. The animation is breathtaking. The things they can do now are astonishing really. The detail of the clover, the prettiness of it all, the movement - its all amazing.
2. The scenes in Whoville are terribley well realized. The town is amazing.
3. It's Dr. Seuss so a good story to start from is a given.
All this adds up to a pretty okay movie EXCEPT for
4. Some of the humor seemed to try to hard. Sometimes Jim Carrey becomes a little too zany Robin Williams-ish.
5. The story about the mayor's son is BORING.
6. And the worst worst worst atrocity, the ending song was idiotic and did nothing for the story.
I know its just a kids movie, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't try to be better.
Only 4 stars from this girl.

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