Thursday, October 4, 2007

My cures for bummed-ness

Bound to work for the grown-up blues!

  • Snuggle puppies (if no one you know has one, take a trip to the local shelter or pet store). Breathe in their puppy scent.
  • Go sit by a playground (either outside or in a mall) and watch kids act like uncontrollable monkeys. Make bets on what they will be when they grow up.
  • Get a bottle of bubbles and use them.
  • Get a big box of crayons and use them.
  • Happy hour with your fave girlfriends.
  • Go to the racetrack and make $2 bets. Tear up tickets dramatically when you lose. Try to figure out who the spy is in the crowd. (According to movies, race tracs are the favorite meeting spots for spies and criminals).
  • Watch Amelie. Or Little Miss Sunshine.
  • Roll down a hill. Try not to hurt yourself - this was much easier as a child.

Hope it helps!


Jenni-Raie said...

what a perfect list of things to cheer a sad-one up!

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting. :)

Jamie Meares said...

i played with a puppy! then i thought about christmas some. and i tried to get amelie, but the store didn't have it!