Thursday, October 25, 2007

Books books and more books...and one lil movie

Stargirl was pretty adorable. I want to give it to every preteen I know.
Love The Last Days of Dogtown. Loved loved loved it. Those of you who like historical fiction should pick this one up. Those who don't should still pick it up. Such a well-told tale. I may have to borrow The Red Tent from the library now.

I read somewhere that this book was funny like the tv show The Office. Its not. Its terribly terribley heart-breaking in lots of everyday ways. Its a good book, just not a hardee har har laugh a minute read.

This counts as one of the 50 nonfiction books I read as part of my 101 list. Very thought-provoking!

Fun read! I like Ms. Esquivel.

We watched Hot Fuzz recently. Silly fun! But not nearly as fun as Shawn of the Dead.

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