Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today is my most favoritest of holidays. I've complained for years that none of my friends throw a Halloween party so this year my boy and I decided that we would just have one. The party is saturday and I'm such a slouch. I have only a few decorations made (cause of course I had envisioned making tons of cool decorations) and I have almost a whole Rosie the Riveter costume but I REALLY wanna be Frida Kahlo and have not yet let go of this hope. Of course if I were Frida, then I'd want lots of Day of the Dead style decor which I don't have.

The sorrow of glorious dreams combined with laziness and procrastination! Whatever we come up with, I will share pictures I promise.

- Oh ya, and throwing the party is on my 101 list. Recent list accomplishment was trying scotch. I liked but did not love. In a couple of weekends, I'm taking my boy to Chicago and we're gonna have a fancy tea someplace (both also on the list). I guess I am a little productive.

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