Monday, September 24, 2007

What to do while making lots of masks

Watch lots of movies of course.

I really liked the PBS series Country Boys. Being a teenager is awful and awkward enough. These poor boys had even more to deal with. I was struck by how much the two teenagers reminded me of boys I knew growing up in my little hometown.

I also watched Quiz Show. John Turturro! Ralph Fiennes! And even Rob Morrow who I've grown so familiar with because of the endless amounts of Northern Exposure dvds on my Netflix queue. Good movie!

Plus I breezed though this pretty graphic novel. I've been on a bit of a graphic novel kick lately - probably in reaction to some fo the huge tomes I've been reading. I've also been tearing through the Fables series.

Fairy tales united an a violent bloody battle against the mysteriously and vaguely named "Adversary". I am always a fairy tale junkie so this series is right up my alley (and handily reservable from my local library).

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