Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wardrobe Overhaul

My look is in need of some serious help. I need to work harder at this. I have things in my closet from 12 years ago! Things I would like to incorporate into the new improved me:

  • Scarves - I love how they look on many women. I can do that too!
  • Some new hairstyles - I have two looks. My hair is either down or in a ponytail. Sad.
  • Some retro maybe even rockabilly-ish pieces to mix into my clothes.
  • New makeup techniques
  • More dresses! - They are so easy. No thinking involved. I just need to have them in my closet so I can throw the suckers on and go.

Now if I only had the funds to go on a big shopping spree and get me some new items. I guess this may be a slow process, but I can start by purging my closet and keeping my eyes and mind pen at the thrift shops.

So you are warned that I'll be posting many pictures of clothes and looks I like. It helps my ideas percolate.

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