Monday, July 9, 2007

My time wasters

My husband loves to be scared so I let him talk me into 1408. Its a bad sign when I laugh all the way through a "scarey"movie. What happened to you John Cusack?

Sicko I thought was good. It has me wanting to join a revolution so it had to have been good, correct? I found it much much scarier than 1408.

I just got around to watching Slingblade. Which was amazing. I didn't even mind that you see the end coming from a long way off. I mostly marveled at the really good acting and pretty scenery. Billy Bob Thorton and John Ritter were amazing in this one.

This book was so good. It both broke my heart and made me feel a bit better about humanity. And for a book narrated by Death, it never felt dark and morbid. More sweet and matter-of-fact.

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