Thursday, July 26, 2007

How I'm spending my piddly vacation

Lots of reading and watching and crafting as usual. Oh and badminton which I am wickedly bad at.

I'm completely a fan of books on tape now. Need to run and m=pick up some milk? Sure thing! Want me to run to the post office across town? No problem! It gives me a chance to hear more of a story. Completely addictive.

This book was a pretty dark fairy tale that I listened to. I was impressed by all the different voices the narrator could manage.

We watched this film last week. Best Harry Potter film yet! Luna's casting was inspired. She was perfect! And Umbridge's office - so sickeningly sweet and chilling. Love lov loved it!
This was the very first book on tape I listened to and now I intend to hear all his books on tape. So freaking hysterical and touching all at the same time.

I watched Practical Magic just the other day. Kinda cheesy but sweet. And damn is Sandra Bullock pretty - its more noticable when you aren't being distracted by the usual schlocky stuff she gets cast in.
This movie was good - I'd have watched it just for the period costumes if nothing else. I may need me a pair of granny boots now.

Memoirs of a Geisha was a really pretty film and I felt it lived up to the book. The dance scene was the best part.

Off to try some new recipes and watch more rentals. This is the vacation of the vegging out.

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