Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yes yes

I have watched a whole ton of movies lately. I've had some days off and spare time. Other things were accomplished too, I promise. Craftiness, candle-making, house tidying, thrift shopping and whatnot.

Rachel Getting Married had me worried at first. I was sure it was going to be scene after scene of Kim, the troubled recovering alcoholic / attention seeking daughter, ruining the wedding of her sister Rachel.
At first, there was a lot of those moments, but as things went along the family dynamic got a lot more complex and subtle. I felt like I was watching a real family unit - full of affection and pain and conflict.
I also loved the wedding itself. The music of this film bowled me over. This one rates an 8.


charley said...

I'd like to see this.

Allison said...

I loved the music in this one as well. Some of the film made me anxious (I can't IMAGINE why...*wink*) but I found the complexities enthralling.