Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh please

Dead Until Dark sucked it - and not just in a vampirey way. Its all about a waitress in Louisiana who gets tangled up with a vampire and has to deal with lots of people she knows being murdered. In this world vampires have recently come out to the world since the invention of synthetic blood makes them more socially acceptable. And there's a whol culture of "fangbangers" - vampire groupies. Sounds a bit interesting, right? Well dash those hopes right now.

The main character is dumb. The relationships are dull. The set-ups are frequently unbelievable. (Cause of course, I would drop my kids off to be babysat by a woman whose had a recent attempt on her life and is still obviously been marked to be killed. Sure!) Stupid stupid book! Only a 1 on my scale.


kat said...

Sounds similar to the concept of the tv series 'True Blood'. Vampire storylines are everywhere at the moment!

please sir said...

I will be sure to NOT get that one!

Claire said...

kay - tru blood is based on this series. Hopefully the show is better than the book!