Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We watched Hellboy the other night. It's a super hero-ish movie, and super hero-ish movies have been on a sucky run in my book. Here's my breakdown of this one.
What was good:
- The Hellboy character kind of rocked. I liked all his kitties.
- The fish guy was different.
- The strong influence of the supernatural. This isn't a bunch of people made weird by toxic fumes or mad scientists. These creatures have history - demons and relics and such.
- The director. Del Toro is pretty damn good. He gets wickedly dark very well.
What wasn't good.
- Selma Blair. Her acting stunk to high heaven.
- The sword guy. I laughed a few times at his too perfect comic-y book skills.
- The Nazi angle seemed a bit pointless. Actually none of the villains were very memorable.
I give this on a 5. I'm sure I'll check out the sequel.

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