Monday, September 1, 2008


Remember those August goals? I didn't complete them all, but I did the following:
1. Go on a picture-taking trip with my husband. - We went and took pictures at a graveyard in Delaware, Ohio where we spotted the gravestone of President Rutherford B. Hayes' parents.
7. Cross off three things on my 101 list. - I took dance classes, finished Amy's album, found an awesome red lipstick, and decided my wine collection was respectable.
8. Schedule first dance class. - See above - scheduled and done!
9. Continue prettifying the front of our house. Pillows were purchased for porch furniture.

Not great, but decent. So now its time for some September goals. Here we go:
1. Lose 5.5 lbs.
2. Explore more dancing possibilities.
3. Do 3 things off my 101 list (it worked so well last time.)
4. Start some Xmas gift planning.
5. Use up loads of my craft stash.
6. Do a patio in the backyard.
7. Write down and sketch gardening plans.
8. Maybe tackle some of those unfinished August goals.

1 comment:

Ramona said...

Great list! I really like the part about sketching garden plans. You have a wonderful blog. I am liking that 101 list...I may make one of those...yep, I am adding the making of a 101 list to my fall to~do list.

Smiles ~ Ramona